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Stacy Ward Braxton

A Resin to Play  is a dream come true. Our founder and CEO believes in following your passions. 

Stacy Ward Braxton has always had a knack for finding the art in each day.  Whether it is repurposing furniture or upcycling napkin holders, she takes the mundane and transforms it into elegance.  A natural leader and a consultant, she pastors dreams into reality both in the Resin studio and in the workforce.  Many companies, school districts, faith-based organizations and non-profit organizations have enlisted her wisdom to help their teams become both more cohesive and productive.  

Merging together her passion for arts and her God given gift of leadership A Resin to play was born.  Her vision became reality in April 2020 in the midst of a pandemic when she transformed a classroom into a full scale wonder filled studio environment where dreams, visions, and unknowing artists can emerge.  Stacy is true to her calling to create by calling forth the artists in others.  


She operates the studio by imparting the wisdom that science proves many times over, “There is healing in the creative process.”  She has created an atmosphere that allows people to walk in with stress, tension, uncertainty and fear - but they leave with relaxation, peace, release and a beautiful work from their own hands.  

Stacy comes alive when serving others and is grateful to share her gift of peace with those who walk through the studio doors as well as those who she serves virtually.  She believes in the power of collaboration and the true ministry of art that occurs when we, “Release the unknown and let the art

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